Wood Working

Wood Working

Practice and contemporary look, re-actualization of the tools of the trade towards unpublished drawings and forms so complex that at times they are impossible. Healthy obsession, an expert and fallible hand towards the results that touch on technical perfection – because only the small, almost imperceptible error can tell the human work, its accuracy and uniqueness. Lines that intertwine and chase each other, fluid. Joints that do not betray force. It is thus that wood experiences interesting material transfigurations until, almost astonished, it is discovered again in its veins. This is how the inlay, ancient knowledge, finds new strength in the eccentricity of interpretations, daring and personal.

Bespoke Furniture


The experimental, knowledgeable processing of wood is the basis of a practice ready into account other people’s projects. The pieces, unique or in limited editions, designed and implemented by Ivan Paradisi, are not the only points of arrival. Paradisi enlarges his collection with projects realized ad hoc, enriched with the ideas and visions of clients.

This co-planning is a way of strolling further down the road of experimentation along which Paradisi has already travelled some distance. Besides originality of the shapes and designs the possible combinations are also characterized by many varieties of wood – such as ebony, maple, rosewood- which can cohabit perfectly with leather, steel, fabric, or even an entirely unexpected material like plastic.


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    Born in the Italian city of Turin, capital of the industrial design, Ivan Paradisi rediscovers the art of wood crafting from a brand new perspective. As a former musician and singer, Ivan started his career in the world of furniture by restoring important pieces of art, creating his own firsts furnitures many years ago using rare materials.
    His works have been exposed at the Biennale in Venice, at the Italian Pavillon in Turin and have been awarded with the Artisan Excellence Award.
    Straight lines and modern wooden inlays come to life with different layers and curves, each piece, handcrafted entirely by Master Ivan itself, is designed keeping in mind the grace of the old Italian tradition, with a new sophisticated vision of space.
    The art of wooden inlays, an antique craft, finds a new energy in the virtue of Ivan eccentricity.
    Paradisi’s complex and personal interpretations are the results of a particular sensibility guided by a deep knowledge of his Art.